To truly understand Polygon's strategies, you have to consider our motivation. We believe we are in the business of maximizing investment returns, rather than building AUM. Our focus is concentrated on structural alpha, the bedrock of opportunity on which strategy is built. That is our primary consideration and everything follows from there.

European Event Driven Equities

Polygon co-founder Reade Griffith has been a major European Event Driven Equities and M&A investor since the mid-1990s. The strategy is founded on a diversified, catalyst-driven portfolio that exhibits a low correlation to European equity markets. A thoughtful, size-constrained approach allows a focus on more attractive and less-followed opportunities while remaining nimble. These include:

  • Corporate Restructuring: participation in recapitalisations and balance sheet deleveraging via equity issues
  • M&A: favouring hostile, cross-border or otherwise complex transactions more likely to be misunderstood by the market
  • Dislocation: medium-duration, high-conviction trades with significant upside potential
  • Special Situations: "piggybacking" on corporate activism and/or pre-deal opportunities

This strategy is led by CIO Reade Griffith and Nicolas Dautigny


Reade Griffith
Principal and Chief Investment Officer

Nicolas Dautigny
Principal and Senior Portfolio Manager