26 Jan 2017 Polygon Convertible Opportunity Fund wins Eurohedge Convertibles & Volatility award for the fourth time

The  Polygon Convertible Opportunity Fund has won the 2016 Eurohedge Award in the Convertibles & Volatility category.  There were four other nominees for this award.

This is the fourth time in six consecutive years that the Polygon Convertible Opportunity Fund has received this award, which we believe reflects Polygon's focus on long-term alpha generation.

Reade Griffith, co-Founder of Polygon, commented: "We are delighted that the expertise and hard work of Mike Humphries and the Convertible team has been recognised by EuroHedge, as part of their highly-regarded Awards. To have won this award for a fourth time since 2010 is testament to the team's approach in building a portfolio which has exhibited low correlation to passive indices and is based on robust research and our employees' depth of experience across European and North American markets."

Polygon was also nominated for Management Firm of the Year, and the Polygon Distressed Opportunities Fund was a nominee in the Event Driven & Distressed category.

The EuroHedge Award is compiled by EuroHedge magazine, a publication of Hedge Fund Intelligence. Information about the award, including nomination and winning criteria, is available below and at www.hedgefundintelligence.com.  

To be considered for an award, funds must submit performance data to the HedgeFund Intelligence Database and have at least a 12-month track record history.

The only exception to this rule is for new fund awards where a minimum seven-month track record is required; for these awards, the funds' whole performance history to date is taken into account.

Winners are decided using an established methodology based upon a combination of Sharpe ratios and returns over the relevant time period.

Nominations are decided by those funds in each peer group that achieve the strongest Sharpe ratios over 12 months, so long as they also beat the median returns in their relevant peer groups and are within 10% of their high-water marks.

The eventual winners will be the funds that have the best returns, as long as they also have Sharpe ratios within 25% of the best Sharpe of the nominees in their relevant peer groups.

Most of the award categories require a minimum asset level.